Business Templates

You and Your Business Will Soar With The Help From Our Collection of Free Business Templates

We have a selection of templates which are useful to businesses large and small. Whether you're trying to track income and expenses for your rental properties or developing your annual business goals, we're here to help you. Browse our selection of business templates below and check back often as we are adding new templates frequently.

Templates for Your Business

2012 Calendar Template

Plan your Year, Month or Week with this simple and easy to use calendar. Calendar is in MS Excel format.

Annual Business Goals Template

Your Annual Goals set the direction in which your company directs its efforts. They should support and clarify your company’s mission and vision, provide direction for your company, but do not state how to get there.

Articles of Incorporation Template

This Articles of Incorporation template provides a good basis for starting your own business. Be sure to check with your local State government to be sure you include everything that state requires.

Collection Letter Samples

A good chronological set of collection letters starting with a polite first reminder all the way through to a final notice letter.

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks are the cornerstone of help for your employees. Our Employee Handbook template will help you create a professional and comprehensive information center for every aspect of your business. From federal rules and regulations to your company’s payroll and benefits policies, everything you need is included in this easy, user-friendly template.

Employee Termination Letter

No one ever wants to terminate an employee, but sometimes business has to get ugly. Formally release team members professionally, painlessly, and mercifully with a short, concise letter that only addresses what’s absolutely necessary.

Non-Compete Agreement

Don’t ever let the competition profit from your valuable intellectual assets. Have any new employees or subcontractors sign a non-compete agreement to make sure that they don’t take your hard earned knowledge to the “other guy’s” business.

Offer of Employment Letter

Hiring new employees can be an exciting, yet stressful, proposition for any business. Streamline your formal hiring process by including the following in your offer of employment letters: compensation, job start date, where and whom to report to, and any company specific expectations.

Power of Attorney - General

A General Power of Attorney enables your business to function while you're out. This General Power of Attorney is provided as a courtesy of Fast Business Plans. You should consult your attorney for any legal matters.

Power of Attorney - Limited

The Limited Power of Attorney allows you to grant specific rights to another. This is ideal if you know exactly what powers the other party will need in order to act for you.

Power of Attorney - Medical

A Medical Power of Attorney comes in handy for times where you're unable to make your own medical decisions. Plan ahead for your health care with this Medical Power of Attorney.

Rental Income Expenses Spreadsheet

This is my favorite. I use this almost daily to manage my rental properties making tax time much easier. It categorizes expenses to match the IRS categories.

Residential Lease

This residential lease template addresses most items both landlords and tenants are concerned about when going into a rental agreement. Be sure to review and edit according to your specific needs.

Residential Rental Application

With the advent of Craigslist it's become very easy to find renters for your property yourself. Do it yourselfers will find this rental application captures enough information without being overly burdensome. Be sure to perform a credit and reference check on your applicants.